Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Moving Day Is Here

Our big move day is finally here. The movers will be packing up our house tomorrow and they will load the big truck on Friday. Can you say overwhelming?

It should prove to be an intersting move. My daughter, who is 3, is sick with an ear infection and is on medication. My son, who will be 2 the beginning of October, doesn't have a clue what is going on! I am flying alone with both of them. But they are both good travelers.

Once our belongings arrive at the new house and I get my Internet service installed, I will be back online. It will about a week. So don't forget about me!

Be sure to keep checking back because I will have some special surprises for you. Don't you just love a good surprise and a stamping related one at that!

Keep us in your thoughts for a safe trip for us and our things. Oh, and once I get back online, I will let you in on the new location!


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Ijsbeer said...

Good luck with moving!! I hope it all goes well.