Sunday, September 9, 2007

Marathon Training Update

Since one of my passions is running, I thought it would be fitting to provide an update on my training. My next event is October 14th in Long Beach, California. I'll be running the full marathon.

On Saturday, my running shoes were back in action after sitting for 4 weeks! My training has been hit or miss due to our pending move (too long of a story). But Saturday I was able to get out and run 12 miles. Wow, it was great to be running again. I didn't realize how much I missed it. My run felt good and I was happy to get the miles in.

Now when I woke up on Sunday, that was a different story. Not running for 4 weeks makes a huge difference. I wasn't this sore after my last marathon. They say that your body remembers and will bounce back. I have learned that your body also holds a grudge and makes you pay when you don't take care of it ;-)

So I'll be running a couple times a week from now until Long Beach!

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Cherish said...

I feel ya! I am glad to be running with you again, as I will miss it VERY much when you are gone!!