Monday, January 14, 2008

TGI Friday Freebie Winner Is....

Congratulations to Cathy M!! She is winner of the TGI Friday Freebie. This should give you a good start on your Valentine's Day projects.

Cathy shared this about her favorite candy: I love chocolate covered...cherries, raisins, cashews. I would have to agree with Cathy. Everyone had some yummy favorites, it was very hard not to run to the store and stock up ;-)

First let me say that before I had kids, my favorite candy was Jolly Ranchers or anything really sour. I could pass on the sweet stuff. NOW, forget about it! I would have to say my favorite candy is a Mr. Goodbar. Love those things! There are several runner-ups, Paydays (started eating those when I started running), Reeses, Mounds, ok I have to stop now.

Thank you so much to everyone that visited and left a comment. Be sure to check back often for other fun samples and giveaways. Have a great week!

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